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About us

Vessel Projects is a new arts venture led by two experienced creatives based in Louth, Lincolnshire. Lucy Lumb is a visual arts producer, working across a wide range of public art commissions and projects. Nicki Jarvis is an artist whose practice combines craft skills and community engagement, with a background in heritage and arts management. We have distinct and compatible skillsets and a strong track record in working together.

Producing work for the public realm and operating in places that are overlooked or under-supported, Vessel Projects will engage communities in creative acts. Our place-responsive collaborative projects will invite participation and make new connections that widen our horizons, generate a sense of wonder and enrich day-to-day life.

Find out more about our latest project ENVELOPE / BREV, created in conjunction with SOfa Festival in the UK and Passage Festival in Denmark.

Nicki Jarvis

As a maker, Nicki works largely in textiles and ceramics, exploring domestic traditions of the handmade; the marks of history in the landscape; and the constraints imposed by frugality and a commitment to sustainable practice. She combines this with teaching at Oxcombe Pottery, a residency at Mrs Smith’s Cottage and collaborative projects with artists and organisations.

“I’m excited by opportunities to combine creative thinking and experimentation with working in new places and with communities, particularly where access to the arts is limited. From small-scale everyday interventions to ambitious one-off events, I’m a strong believer that participation in creative experiences creates energy and positivity, and we all benefit from that.”


Artist's Statement

Lucy Lumb

Lucy Lumb is an art producer, with over fifteen years’ experience in the public and private sector.  She has worked alongside many different artists, delivering permanent public art commissions, temporary interventions and high quality community engagement in fields, parks, churches, woodlands, village halls, schools, civic settings and healthcare centres.

“I’m interested in creating artworks that are celebrated by their communities.  I am inspired by working in unusual locations and have a strong desire to bring high quality arts experiences to a wide range of people, challenging the usual barriers to engagement.  My benchmark of success is when those that think art is ‘not for them’ turn this around to become advocates for creativity at all levels.”


Photo © Electric Egg